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Posted in Premises Liability on December 12, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

What to Do if Injured in a Store

What do you do when you’re injured because of a dangerous condition at a store? Well, we have many, many of these cases, and the dangerous conditions can be many. We have things falling off shelves; we have ice in the parking lot that’s not appropriately addressed; we have things, filth spilled in the aisle that aren’t quickly and adequately cleaned up.

So, regardless of the exact defect at issue, a store owner has a non-delegable duty to keep its place safe for its patrons because when you’re walking down the store, they have all these signs, they want you to look at all these, “Hey, look over here, this sale. Look at this. Buy this.” They don’t focus your attention on the floor. When you’re walking in through the rain and snow, you assume a lot of times that they’ve shoveled adequately, and sometimes that doesn’t happen. When things are on the shelves, you assume they’re not precariously put up there so that they can fall and injure you.

We have all these cases currently. We’ve had many more. I could give you a million war stories about that, but I don’t want to bore you too much on this video. But just so you know, this non-delegable duty, that means that the store can’t get rid of that duty because they hire someone else to shovel the driveway, because they hire a cleaning service, because a stock person from another company put the stuff on the shelf. That duty is there. They can’t get rid of it. So, if they try to throw that at you as a reason not to pay you, don’t listen.

So, if you’re ever injured because of a dangerous condition of a property of a store that you go to, they should take care of you. And if they do, great, you may not need a lawyer. But if you’re injuries are serious, if they’re jerking you around or if they’re not giving you the full compensation to which you are entitled, you can call us.

I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. We’re at We have a premises liability section on our website. You can reach me at 314-542-2222. We have an 800 number, 866, not 800, it’s 866, 866-599-2222, and in Illinois we’re at 618-272-2222.

That non-delegable duty is the same as in Illinois as it is in Missouri and any other state. The laws are very strong to protect customers of businesses from injuring themselves in dangerous conditions. Give us a call. We’ll answer any questions for free. Thank you.