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Posted in Blog on September 13, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

What To Do After a Premises Liability Injury

If you have been seriously injured while visiting a property, you may have a premises liability claim. The Burger Law premises liability lawyers in St. Louis are committed to recovering the compensation you deserve for your damages. Learn what to expect in your case and how a premises liability lawyer with Burger Law can help you win your case by calling us today at 314-648-8348.

What To Do After a Premises Liability Injury

The sooner you act and the more information you can collect at the time of and the days following your accident, the stronger the case your St. Louis premises liability attorney can make for you in fighting to recover the damages you deserve. If possible, do these four things after you have been hurt in an accident due to a dangerous condition on a property where you were visiting.

Save evidence.

Any documentation you can get at the time of your accident will only strengthen your claim, especially in the hands of a talented premises liability lawyer in St. Louis like the slip and fall lawyers of Burger Law. As long as it does not put you further in danger, try to snap pictures of the property and around the site where the injury occurred.

Before leaving the property where you have been injured, try to speak to all potential witnesses. If police are called to the site of the accident, do not rely on them to record statements from everyone. Collecting witness contact information could be a powerful tool in winning your case.

Your St. Louis premises liability lawyer will help you collect and organize all documentation and other available forms of evidence for your case. A skilled litigator and practiced trial lawyer like Burger Law premises liability lawyers will uses this evidence to make an infallible argument for your to receive a full financial recovery.

Get medical care.

Your number one priority after any kind of injury is to get the medical care you need. Early care could be the difference between a successful recovery or a lifetime of pain and limitations. You must put your own well-being first.

Seeking the medical care and treatments you need for your injuries also benefits your case. Medical records serve as an excellent form of evidence in proving your damages. With proper medical information, experts like doctors and surgeons can paint an image of the severity of your condition to the defense or, if necessary, to the jury in a trial. Your St. Louis premises liability attorney will know how to wield this information to build your case.

Do NOT talk to the insurance companies.

In most personal injury cases, the claimant (or the victim) is an individual citizen who was put in danger and injured and the defendant (the party who is liable) is a large insurance company. That large corporation handles cases like yours every day as a business. They are very well-versed in tactics to intimidate or mislead you into taking a heinously low settlement. Often, after a premises liability or other personal injury occurs, the defendant's insurance company will reach out to the victim shortly after the accident and appeal to their pathos by offering to write a check for a few hundred or thousand dollars to help them out with their immediate bills.

If an insurance company contacts you after your accident, do not talk to them. They may ask you to give a statement, but you do not have to give one. We advise that as the victim of a premises liability claim, you should not speak to the insurance company at all. Especially do not talk to them until you have hired a lawyer. After you hire a premises liability lawyer in St. Louis, tell the insurance company to communicate strictly through your premises liability attorney.

Hire a premises liability lawyer.

Because of Missouri and Illinois statutes of limitations, you only have a limited time after your premises liability accident happens to file a premises liability claim. The sooner you hire an experienced premises liability lawyer in St. Louis, the sooner they can begin working on your case and demanding the compensation you deserve. Hire the skilled premises liability lawyers in St. Louis of Burger Law to represent you. We have experience winning cases like yours and have recovered over 100 million dollars for injury victims like you in Missouri and Illinois. We hold the insurance company accountable and demand the compensation you are owed.

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Call us right away after you or someone you know has been hurt on someone's property because of the presence of a hazard or danger without warning or appropriate safety measures. The premises liability attorneys of Burger Law fight for your recovery. Our lawyers are ready to begin helping you win your case today. Just call us at (314) 500-HURT or reach us online now.