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Posted in Personal Injury on February 24, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

$69,000 Car Accident Settlement

Genavieve obtained a $69,000 settlement in a car accident case for her client Brandon where there was less than $14,000 in medical billing and approximately $5,500.00 in lost wages.

Brandon primarily treated on a lien basis meaning that his medical expenses were not paid until we obtained a settlement. This is common practice for clients that don’t have health insurance. We were also able to negotiate with the medical providers and we were able to reduce his medicals bills by over $5,000.

After our fee and paying his outstanding medical expenses, Brandon received a check for over $36,500 of tax-free money. Brandon netted approximately $31,000!

Brandon suffered a concussion and a neck strain. After the accident, Brandon had consistent headaches, trouble with memory, dizziness, trouble sleeping, and loss of feeling in his hands.

The Difficulty of Concussion Cases

At Burger Law, we know how to add value to your claim and persuade insurance companies to compensate for concussions fairly. Injury claims involving concussions can be difficult because oftentimes there is no objective evidence of injury, the treatment is sparse, the bills are low, and insurance adjusters disregard your client’s subjective complaints of memory loss and headaches.

It is crucially important for a concussion patient to be evaluated by a neurologist. Concussions cannot be diagnosed through X-rays or MRIs. Insurance adjusters tend to discredit symptoms that are only based on what a patient says, such as memory loss or headaches.

However, a neurologist will utilize specialized cognitive testing that leads to the best care for your client AND that will help convince an insurance adjuster (or jury!) that the concussion is legitimate. Burger Law assisted Brandon in coordinating his appointment with a neurologist, who diagnosed him with post-concussion syndrome.

The demand letter in these cases is also uniquely important. A concussion is a type of mild “traumatic brain injury.” The phrase “traumatic brain injury” tends to evoke more of a response from insurance companies than just “concussion,” so this terminology was used in the letter.

Since the bills were not very high, Genavieve emphasized the severity of the injury in a way that is not captured in the records. She described the difficulties Brandon experienced in detail, such as memory lapses, headaches, difficulties with word retrieval, critical thinking, and attention deficits, and illustrated how they interfered with his daily life.

St. Louis Concussion Lawyers | Burger Law

Burger Law knows how to maximize settlements in these complex head injury cases. If you have been in an accident and have suffered a concussion, you need a skilled lawyer on your side. Burger Law has the experience and skill to obtain complete compensation for car accident concussion victims like you. Take the first step towards winning your case by contacting us at 314-542-2222 today.