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Posted in Consumer Protection on February 14, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Nursing Home Injuries

If you, your parent, family member or friend has been injured in a nursing home due to abuse, neglect or even an intentional act of a nursing home employee, call us and we can help.  We are experienced nursing home abuse lawyers and we have helped many older folks navigate the challenging area of nursing home abuse claims in both protecting their rights and personal integrity; and getting a good resolution or verdict in their case. One of the challenges to claims against a nursing home is that their case is treated like a medical malpractice case in both Missouri and Illinois. Therefore, to succeed in a nursing home negligence case, the Plaintiff must comply with all of the medical malpractice statutes.  This means a two-year Statute of Limitations on a claim, limits on where you can file the suit, limits on the damages you can collect and other hoops to jump through.  But really, a nursing home abuse case is quite simple: was the nursing home, acting through its employees, negligent?  If the answer is yes, you have a claim.

At Burger Law, we realize that resolving these claims quickly for our elderly clients is sometimes more important than dragging a case out until we go to trial.  We are cognizant of this fact and try to get the most efficient resolution of these claims as possible. But if warranted, we try these cases before juries. Click the following links for further information about nursing home claims: