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Posted in Uncategorized on October 9, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Mediation CLE

Mediation CLE | November 12, 2020

Gary is very psyched to be presenting at an upcoming CLE by United States Arbitration and Mediation Services on Advocacy Tips and Secrets via zoom. Click here to register.

Sneak Peak of Gary's Mediation Presentation

Since the pandemic, I have done a bunch of Zoom mediations. I have developed effective strategies and ways of presenting during the mediations, which I will share.

Here are some teasers (more in the presentation):

  • Before the mediation we have a firm system of activities to be prepared, including contacting lienholders, form emails to clients explaining mediation, etc
  • A week or two before a mediation I prepare my case summary to the mediator with pictures or whatever good evidence I have and send it to the other side too. They need to digest it and set reserves accordingly.
  • Pre mediation meeting via zoom with the client to prepare them for the mediation process and to talk case value.
  • Prior to and during the mediation I take notes in a word document and prepare arguments and parts of depositions or medical reports. Then I share my screen with that in Zoom to my client and the mediator to present points in the mediation.

Please register now. All proceeds go to Legal Services of Eastern Missouri.