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Posted in Scholarship on July 3, 2023   |  by Gary Burger

AI+ Education Scholarship 2023

AI+ Education | 2023 Scholarship

Gary Burger and the Burger Law team are pleased to announce our latest $500 scholarship to eligible students. See below for scholarship content terms.

You can't throw a rock without hitting something or someone that has been touched by AI in the past few months. Wherever you look, you see products and hear stories about novel applications and uses for generative AI and other AI tools. In the legal practice, there was even a lawyer who recently made the news for getting caught using ChatGPT to prepare a legal brief. At Burger Law, we consider that a breach of ethics, but even we have explored the uses of AI in other areas of our lives.

There is no doubt that AI is powerful and its uses have the potential to significantly change the way things work. Education is one area in particular (along with professional practices like law and medicine) where there is a lot of gray area. It can be used for good, to tailor education to the student, but it can also be used by students to check out and skip some of the hard work that goes into learning.

What is your impression of AI so far? Does it have a place in the classroom? Share your thoughts and opinions about AI in education in an essay for a chance to win our Burger Law 2023 Q3 scholarship!

For Q3 2023, Burger Law is offering a $500 scholarship to current and incoming college students. The contest details are outlined below.

Scholarship Eligibility

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please submit the following by Sept 29:

  • A college transcript or enrollment letter;
  • A current resume, and;
  • An essay reflecting on the role of AI in education and how it has or will impact learning or the education system.

We require a transcript (even an unofficial one) to verify that you are a current or incoming college student. If you are not a student but are planning on attending college or trade school in the upcoming semester, submit proof, such as an acceptance letter. You must be enrolled (current seniors who are applying to or have been accepted to schools but have not committed, please check back once you have enrolled for our next scholarship essay contest).

The Topic

A 500-1,000 word essay about "AI+ Education"

You may choose to research and discuss the significance of AI in the educational landscape, the advantages and disadvantages, issues that need to be addresses, potential applications, etc. Alternatively, if your education has already been impacted by AI, share your personal experience. How has AI in your educational career changed your education or school experience?

Please attach a PDF or Word document file with your name and any sources you choose to include. We are looking for quality rhetoric, correct grammar and spelling, good content and a unique take on the prompt.

The winner will be announced and contacted on October 2, 2023. Please submit your transcript, resume, and essay to

*Awards will be sent directly to the school.