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Posted in ATV Accidents on August 28, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Driving Safely Can Prevent Accidents

Driving Safely Can Prevent Accidents

So, summer is upon us. It’s June, the middle of June, it’s hot, and the incidence and the rate of automobile accidents skyrocket in June, July and August: August number one, July two, June three. And the incidence of teen driving accidents also increases. The most likely time that you’re going to be injured is driving at night on a Saturday in August in the United States, and car crashes, they cause more injuries and more deaths than most other diseases. It’s in the top 10.

And, we talk about safety and we talk about to our kids and families for safety, so be vigilant and safe about being safe this summer and at anytime behind the wheel, and I don’t want to sound like your mom lecturing you, or I do not want to sound like I’m complaining at you, but it’s important to remember that we have rules of the road for a reason. The rules of the road are for the safety of everybody, everybody’s family, and if a driver breaks the rules of the road, violates the law, and acts unsafe and injures someone, that driver and their insurance company is responsible for the harm.

We have represented many, many people in many, many different situations from single driving accidents, single motorcycle driving accidents, two-car accidents, pileups, truck crashes, stop sign incidents, incidents with violating the traffic light, off-road, highways, public roads, private roads, parking lots. Car crashes can happen in such a variety of incidents. I see them everyday driving. We all do. We all see the car crashes on the road. Texting and driving, and these phones and the phones with folks checking Facebook and Twitter and all this stuff, it’s just causing mayhem on the road.

Teach your kids Safety

So, we all know not to do that and I’m not going to say, “Don’t do that!” But remember to be careful for yourself and others. Teach your kids safety. I hand my phone to my kids when I drive and say, “I’m not doing it.” If you need to text, “You text so and so. You do this, you do that,” and they end up playing games anyway.

But if you’re injured in a car crash or you or your family member is, that’s what we do. I’ve represented hundreds and hundreds of folks in these claims. They’re difficult to navigate. People think that if they get in a car crash, “That defendant and their insurance company are going to take care of it and fully compensate me for my damages.” That doesn’t happen. We fight it all the time. Even the cases you think, “This is a no-brainer, they ought to get paid.”

That’s why I have “compensate,” and I was just drinking this water. This really isn’t a prop although I guess it kind it is. I have “compensate” on our coffee cups, in our Burger Law coffee cups, and here’s the definition if you can see it: To make amends, to make whole, to make the equivalent of, and to offset an error.

So, if you’re ever in a car crash and need to get fully compensated because the other driver was negligent, injured you or your family, call us at Burger Law. Go to or dial 866-599-2222, 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222 in Illinois. Thank you.