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Posted in Personal Injury on May 22, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Randy's Great $350,000 Settlement

We filed and litigated an auto rear-end crash for Randy. He was rear-ended on highway 270 going to work.

I've known Randy for 20 years. Truly a great guy. He was hit pretty hard.

Randy went through conservative therapy and eventually had surgery. In the video below, Randy and I talk about his case, why you should take pictures after a car crash, and how we navigated his case.

We held out for the full policy limits of $250,000 from the person who rear-ended him. They jerked us around for a while and I told the other lawyer and adjuster we would not take a dime under the policy limits.

We also pursued and obtained $100,000 from his underinsured motorist policy. We put a lot of money in his pocket - tax-free.

I also had the pleasure of representing Randy seven years ago in a trial in Jefferson County where we got a jury verdict of $142,000. He was riding a motorcycle when another driver pulled out in front of him. He had an open rotator cuff surgery and fully recovered.

At trial he testified he could paint (he is a great professional painter) as well as before and had worked hard to make a full recovery. His physical therapist loved him - he went to 52 of 52 physical therapy visits, and never missed one.

So proud to represent Randy. As I joke in the video, I cannot wait for his next crash - three's a charm.