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Posted in Workers' Compensation on December 30, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Four Worker's Compensation Settlements in December

Four Worker's Compensation Settlements in December

We handle many types of cases at Burger Law and I’ve recently written about successes in various cases involving premises liability, truck accidents, and wrongful death. However, we also handle a large number of Workers’ Compensation cases. These cases involve injuries suffered by our clients while on the job. Below are a few of the cases we successfully resolved for our clients this month.


Our client, Ashli Platt, was injured while working as a nurse in a hospital. She was assisting a patient getting out of bed and when the patient stood up, she fell to the floor, suffering multiple herniated discs in her back. We filed her claim for compensation and litigated her case. We were able to get her a great settlement of $65,269.80.


Martin Moreno is a construction worker and was injured on the job when he stepped on a patch of glue and twisted his right ankle. He suffered an ankle sprain and a bone fracture in his foot. He then injured his back in a separate incident while on the job.

His injuries limited what he could do at work and he ultimately required surgery. Our great attorney, Genavieve Perino, fought hard on Martin’s case and obtained a settlement of $57,500.00.


Caleb Bingham works at a rock quarry and was turning a rock cutting table when he felt a pop and pull in the base of his neck. He was diagnosed with an acute cervical strain and a herniated disc, and required physical therapy and steroid injections. We fought hard for him and obtained a settlement of $42, 939.00.


Finally, our client Ricky Ems worked for a pool service company and was injured on the job when he slipped and tore his meniscus. He reported his injuries to his employer who wrongfully terminated him. We litigated the case extensively and even took Ricky’s deposition. We were ultimately able to get him a settlement of $27,353.56.

We were happy to represent these individuals and help them get the compensation they deserved.

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