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Posted in Premises Liability on November 13, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Hotel Stair Collapse Settlement

We got a fantastic settlement for $55,000 for a client in his slip and fall case. Shaun was traveling in Georgia and staying at a Motel 6. While he was walking down the motel’s outside stairs, they collapsed and injured him.

When his pain continued, Shaun sought medical assistance and filed a claim. Shaun first hired a lawyer in Illinois who had the case for over a year, but only got Shaun a $15,000 offer of settlement from the defendants.

Shaun fired the Illinois lawyer and hired us. We were able to boost that offer up to $35,000, but we still did not feel that amount of money was sufficient to compensate Shaun for what he went through.

We teamed up with a lawyer in Georgia, and filed a formal lawsuit. After filing the lawsuit, we then began discovery and during the process, the defendants agreed to pay our client $55,000 to settle the case.

Hiring the right lawyer clearly made a difference to Shaun’s compensation.

I am proud to tell readers that because we hired a Georgia lawyer and shared the attorneys' fees, under Missouri Supreme Court ethics Rule 4-1.5(e), we made less money than if we would have settled Shaun’s case for the initial $35,000.

We put our client's interest first, as all lawyers should do. I always say that we fight hard to get the maximum recovery for our clients and nothing less. Shaun is a great client who deserved the full recovery that we obtained.