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Posted in Recent Success on January 29, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

Tim's Pedestrian Injury Case

Recently, Gary Burger of Burger Law got a settlement for a client who had been hit by a car while walking across a St. Louis street. Tim Heydt was struck by a car in January 2018 while he was crossing a street, within the crosswalk, while he had the right of way. Tim put out his arm--partially to signal to the driver that he was in the crosswalk, partially to brace himself for a collision--but was still hit. He injured his shoulder and while he did not require initial surgery, he is still dealing with the after-effects of his injury and has been told that he will likely require shoulder replacement surgery in the future.

Burger Law took Tim's case even though he waited several years to file suit. Even though he did not contact a lawyer immediately after he was injured, Gary was still able to get him a great settlement. Contact us if you have been hit by a car and are looking for a top St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer.