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Posted in Medical Malpractice on September 5, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Hospital System Failures


What do you do when you’re injured because of a hospital system failure? Well, what you do is you can pursue a claim for medical malpractice. Hospitals — and working with doctors and nurses — often do a great job and help a lot of people including members of my own family, but sometimes, hospitals have system failures that they know of, and they should have done something about, and it causes a lack of communication, and it causes people to be injured and die.

The third-leading cause of death in the United States is medical errors. That’s something no one wants to talk about. People talk about heart attack or car crashes or guns, but folks don’t talk about hospital errors enough, and these could be system errors, so you may have a claim for medical malpractice.

I’m Gary Burger. I’m at Burger Law. Obviously, this is the kind of work that I do. And, system errors should be addressed, and I’m making this video because I have had about three lawsuits. I filed two and just met with another family today where people are dying or being seriously hurt because of system errors: failure to watch patients, failure to communicate between nurses and doctors, failure to do proper assessments, document their assessments, and this happens with fall risk patients who fall down and injure themselves, improper medication, people being given too much pain medication and dying, people not being properly assessed for internal injuries and then end up dying, people who are falling and hurting themselves having breaking permanently bones and breaking parts of their body.

There are a whole host of injuries about system failures, and more and more hospitals are being bought by big companies. The healthcare industry is consolidating. These hospitals that manage these places know how to run these safely, they know how to put the personnel, they know how to create the communication to avoid these errors and to do this, and they have to adequately staff, adequately monitor and adequately put in systems in order to prevent unnecessary injuries.

When the hospital doesn’t do the basic stuff they’re supposed to and the failure to do those things creates unnecessary death or harm in patients, they’re responsible for that harm. And, many hospitals do a great job,and the more times, incidents occur where lawyers like me or injured families like you, maybe watching this video, stand up for yourselves. That addresses those problems, and creates the impetus behind the hospital’s desire to correct those problems.

We’re moving into a colder, colder world as we’re going forward, it seems to me, and the more that we stand up for ourselves and demand that hospital corporations, big hospitals have the right systems in place to protect us and our loved ones from unnecessary problems and errors, the better off we’ll be.

If you have any questions about system failures or any questions about hospital or medical malpractice, call me, I’m Gary Burger, I’m at, 314-542-2222, 866-599-2222, 618-272-2222. Thank you.