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February 11, 2021 | Gary Burger

What Pre Settlement Financial Help Can I Get For My Personal Injury Case?

Need pre settlement financial help for your personal injury case? You never know when an accident will happen that will leave you injured. Fortunately, the legal system allows for recourse to recover compensation for the damages you've suffered. But when you get hurt, can't work, have medical bills, and your car has been totaled, you're going to face financial hardship. A civil suit like a personal injury claim takes time. What are you supposed to do in the meantime?

You may be tempted to settle right away, accepting the insurance company's first offer - just to get a little money in your pocket to cover your medical expenses and immediate wage losses. Don't. The first thing you should do is speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. They will help you get a much more complete settlement payment that fairly represents the damages you've suffered.

For help obtaining fair payment for your personal injury case, it's important to speak with a St. Louis accident attorney who understands your case and how to fight for fair compensation. They will be able to advise you throughout your case as you wait to settle. Speak to us about your case today by calling 314-542-2222 or sending us a message.

Pre Settlement Financial Solutions

While you are waiting to settle your accident or injury case, money can get tight. This is especially true for families with multiple, serious injuries. You may have extensive medical bills for necessary treatment, you might not be able to return to work for weeks, you may even need to hire in-home care assistance. Yet you still have to support yourself and your family while your case is being litigated. People in your situation often wonder what pre settlement financial help is available.

You may wonder about obtaining a loan or advance. It's unethical for your lawyer to loan you money. There are pre-settlement loan companies who will give you money before your case is settled, but we do not recommend them; their interest rates are sky high which often encourages plaintiffs to settle early for a smaller amount to pay off the loan.

Now you know what not to do, but what you really need to know is what you can do to obtain help managing your expenses during your case. Burger Law has some suggestions to make things easier for you.

Ways to manage your finances while waiting to settle your case:

  1. Ask the insurance company for an advance

    The defendant's insurance company may claim to want to help you, but their job is to try to pay out as little as possible. But, if they truly are acting in good faith, you can suggest that they give you a partial payment immediately, to be subtracted from the settlement total at the end of the case. There is nothing obligating them to pay you now, but you can always ask.

  2. Use med pay

    You may have medical payment coverage through your own auto insurance, also known as med pay. If your injuries occured in a car accident, your own insurance could lighten your financial burden by covering your medical expenses following the accident.

  3. Use your health insurance

    When it comes to the medical expenses you face, another (seemlingly obvious) option is to rely on your own medical insurance to help cover the necessary treatments.

  4. See medical providers who will treat on a lien basis

    If you need medical treatment but can't afford it out of pocket, you may be able to see providers who will treat on a lien basis, meaning they do not require any payment until you receive your settlement. Your St. Louis personal injury lawyer should be able to refer you to reputable doctors who will treat you without upfront payment.

  5. Pursue government benefits

    Depending on your situation, you may qualify for government assistance like social security or private disability insurance coverage. If the accident occured while you were on the job, you might be elgible for Missouri or Illinois workers' compensation benefits that can cover lost wages on top of your medical care.

  6. Talk to your employer

    Many injury victims are hurt such that they are unable - at least for a time - to perform their typical work duties. Whether you're seriourly injured and missing work because of inpatient hospital care or a broken arm prevents you from being able to type, your injury has led to lost wages at a time you need the money most. If you have a good relationship with your employer, you may be able to arrange for some light duty work or accommodations so you can perform your duties. If you're unable to do that, talk to your employer about getting financial help. They may be willing to give you some supplimental pay or a paycheck advance to help you out.

  7. Make lifestyle adjustments

    It may not seem fair, but sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself while you're waiting for your case to settle is make changes in your spending to hold onto the money you do have. You could put off making unnecessary purchases, move to a less expensive apartment, trade in your car for one with lower payments, refinance your home, sell things you don't use, etc. Take a look at your spending and lifestyle and identify where you can make sacrifies to get you through the immediate future.

Get Pre Settlement Financial Help

You've been hurt in an accident and your life seems to have been turned upside down. You are likely in the same position of many others with personal injury cases: you need money help now, but your case has not yet reached the settlment stage.

To find out which pre-settlement financial decisions could best help you and to get additional advice to get you through your civil suit until you get the money you deserve. Burger Law has helped people like you survive their cases and get the full compensation they deserve. Talk to us today; just call 314-542-2222 or reach us here.