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January 12, 2022 | Gary Burger

$5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

My name’s Gary Burger of Burger Law. I wanted to visit with you guys about a case that we had that we settled for $5,000,000 against a national truck company. Our client in June of 2013, early morning, I remember it’s June 15th on that date. I was leaving River City Casino, going out to Broadway. He passed through a green traffic signal, and a tractor-trailer traveling south on Broadway hit him. It was a terrible crash. Both vehicles were thrown about. The cargo of the one of the tractor-trailer went everywhere, and both drivers died. We were hired by the family to help the deceased driver recover from the trucking company, and we immediately did so. We had an investigator on the scene, I was on the scene, and we established and got good evidence. It was tough because it’s an early morning hour crash but we we got photos from the area media and we were able to file suit and aggressively pursue the case.