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July 13, 2022 | Gary Burger

The Importance of Motorcycle Safety

I happen to see in the paper this last weekend and in the last week of many, many motorcycle accidents. I had a friend of a friend on Facebook who died at 170 and 270 in a motorcycle crash. I’ve represented many folks in many motorcycle crashes over the years, and what almost always happens, it’s never the motorcycle driver’s fault, it is the other car that’s not looking, it’s the car that doesn’t yield the right of way or stop at the stoplight or do what they’re supposed to do.

We have to watch out for motorcycles. I have one of those bumper stickers. And people aren’t used to looking for them, or on country roads sometimes it’s more dangerous. I’ve had a number of those cases or in traffic or just people not paying attention. It seems more and more these days, people are on their cellphones, very dangerous. It’s not even texting either. It’s either Facebooking or Instagramming or Snapchatting or whatever they’re doing or reading the news.

So, for all of you non-motorcycle riders out there, please don’t do that and pay attention to motorcycle. If you are a motorcycle rider and you get injured, please call me. I know how to handle these cases. I’ve handled and tried many of these cases, and I’ve gotten great success.