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July 1, 2020 | Gary Burger

Do I Have a Business Interruption Claim Due to COVID19?

No one foresaw how tremendously the coronavirus would affect everyone. It has affected us physically, but-of equal significance-it has impacted our finances and the economy at large. If you are a business owner, you have seen not only your personal well-being but also your business's health affected.

Many insurance companies are asserting that business interruption coverage does not apply to the coronavirus. They erroneously deny that the pandemic is responsible for direct losses, expenses, and damage. To get your business the maximum compensation from your insurer, you need attorney representation. The lawyers of Burger Law are familiar with business ownership and the work required to appeal claim denials and get your business the compensation it needs and deserves. Call us at (314) 500-HURT today.

Do I Have a Business Interruption Claim?

Your business interruption insurance coverage will differ depending on the wording and policy type. In general, it is meant to replace money that would have been earned (or would not have been spent) if the business had not been interrupted. For the interruption to your business to be covered by the insurance company, five requirements must be met. There must be:

  1. physical damage
  2. sustained to the insured property
  3. caused by a hazard covered in the policy
  4. a measurable loss due to business interruption
  5. incurred within the amount of time it takes to restore the damaged property

To receive the compensation you need, you must prove that these conditions have been met. Focus on documenting extra expenses and financial losses related to the interruption. This could include, for example: labor and supplies needed for cleaning, extra security measures, protective equipment, marketing measures needed to announce changes in business hours and practices, and canceled orders. Also, keep and present economic projections such as expected revenue, as they were calculated in the time before the interruption. If the interruption, in this case, the coronavirus, had not taken place, what would your business have expected to make?

This is advice you should follow for any business interruption claim. For claims due to the coronavirus, however, things can get confusing. Viruses and diseases are often not explicitly covered, or they require additional coverage. However, the case has been made that the presence of the virus in a building constitutes physical damage, which is covered by interruption insurance. Of those who do have special coverage for communicable diseases, many are still being denied. Even if your physical space was not exposed to the virus itself, government action requiring businesses to close should be covered as well. To receive full payment from your insurance company, you need an attorney.

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You've filed a business interruption claim with your insurance provider because of the losses your company has suffered due to COVID-19. You have been wrongly denied, only offered partial coverage, or completely ignored. You need the representation of a lawyer to help you appeal your claim. Burger Law's attorneys have fought and won against insurance companies many times.

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