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October 22, 2019 | Gary Burger

Hit by Uninsured Driver - What Do You Do?

Being in an accident is shocking enough, but when the other driver tells you that they don't have insurance, you may go into panic mode. You may be thinking, who is going to pay for the damages to your car, who is going to pay for your injuries, is this othe driver going to be held accountable or are you on the hook because they don't have any coverage? If you've been involved in an accident with another driver, and they don't have insurance but you do, don't worry. Your insurance provider is required to carry uninsured driver coverage, and you can make a claim agaisnt your own insurance to recover the damages to your vehicle and your person.

If you need help with your uninsured driver claim, or you don't think your insurance provider is treating you fairly, call our firm. Our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis can help you with your claim, and make sure that the insurance company you've been paying hundreds of dollars to every month is held accountable to your agreement.

I've been hit by an Uninsured Driver - What do I do?

First, no one should drive without insurance. It puts you and your car at risk, your financial security at risk, and it also puts other drivers at risk if you don't have it. Always have insurance on your vehicle. Missouri Law requires it, as well as many other states. Be safe, be insured.

Now that we've covered whether or not your should have insurance, lets continue. If you've been hit by an uninsured driver, you aren't on the hook for the entire bill. Just because the other driver can't immediately pay doesn't mean that they won't be required to later, or that you have to front the bill now. Every car insurance provider is required to carry uninsured driver coverage. This means that if you've been hit by an uninsured driver, you can make a claim against your own provider. You would make this claim the same way that you would if you had been involved in an accident with a driver who did have insurance.

Will My Accident be Covered in an Uninsured Accident?

Here is a PDF breakdown of what qualifies as an Uninsured Accident While you may think that uninsured only applies to driver's that don't have insurance, it actually includes much more. Here are several examples of when an uninsured driver claim would apply:

  • They don't have bodily injury liability coverage. Not having this type of coverage means they are uninsured (technically).
  • They do have bodily injury liability coverage, but the limits are blow the minimum required by the state.
  • Hit and Run. Hit and Run Accidents are counted as uninsured accidents.
  • If the person or company responsible for the accident denies coverage, or if the company becomes insolvent and isn't able to pay, then it becomes an uninsured claim.

Here are the cases where uninsured accident coverage would not apply:

  • If you own both vehicles in the accident, you don't get uninsured coverage if one of them isn't insured.
  • If you are a Lyft or Uber Driver, or drive for another similar company.
  • If the accident happened in an agreed upon race or organized event.
  • Punitive Damages or Interest

This list does not include every instance where Uninsured Coverage would apply. Remember, if you were struck by an uninsured driver, and you don't own their vehicle, you can puruse a claim against your insurance policy, and most likely a lawsuit agaisnt the other driver to recover other damages. You have rights under Missouri Law and you absolutely can use them. If you have any questions about the uninsured coverage process, how you can begin your claim, or if you need help dealing with your insurance company, give our firm a call. Our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis can help you get the legal guidance you need as well as the settlement you deserve.