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October 23, 2019 | Gary Burger

How Much is My Injury Worth?

For this FAQ, we're going to be strictly covering injuries that result in the permanent loss or permanent disability of the limb. Permanent Loss or Permanent Disability of a limb or organ typically happens from an extremely traumatic accident, such as a car accident, truck accident, or a work accident. In these accidents, your limb or organ is either critically damaged and has to be amputated/removed, or is disabled in such a way that you can no longer use it and the loss of the limb is now affecting your basic functions.

If you've been hurt due to an accident or deliberate act and you've lost the use of one of your limbs and now you're suffering because of that act or accident, you do have rights and you can get a full recovery and settlement. Gary Burger and the Personal Injury Lawyers of Burger Law will fight for your FULL rights and make sure that your case is taken seriously and that your rights are protected. If you've lost a limb/appendage, or have another part of your body that is permanently damaged and now you need help making sure that the injury gets the medical and financial recovery it deserves, call our team at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222. We don't charge any fees for our consultations, and we never ask for any attorneys fees unless we win your injury claim.

How much is my Injury worth?

It's important to first state that no one willingly wants to lose a limb or organ and be partially or permanently disabled because of it. We want to have healthy, able bodies so that we can work and do the other things that we love to do. Unfortunately, either because of negligence, random chance, or a deliberate act, limbs and organs can be permanently disabled or even damaged badly enough that they have to be amputated or removed entirely. This leads to the obvious question - When you permanently lose the use of a limb or organ, what is that worth in terms of recovery?

This question can be a little more complex than first imagined. Each state sets a recovery amount for each organ/limb, and certain limbs/organs are worth more. Here are breakdowns of what your hand and fingers are worth if permanently injured:

Missouri Totals for Hand Injuries

  • Hand in Missouri - $86,821
  • Thumb in Missouri - $29,767
  • Index Finger in Missouri - $22,325
  • Middle Finger in Missouri - $17,364
  • Ring Finger in Missori - $17,364
  • Pinky Finger in Missouri - $10,915
Illinois Totals for Hand Injuries

  • Hand in Illinois - $279,167
  • Thumb in Illinois - $103,496
  • Index Finger in Illinois - $58,557
  • Middle Finger in Illinois - $51,748
  • Ring Finger in Illinois - $38,768
  • Pinky Finger in Illinois - $38,768

Here is the breakdown of what your other body parts are worth:

Missouri Totals for Body Injuries

  • Arm in Missouri - $115,100
  • Leg in Missouri - $102,697
  • Foot in Missouri - $74,418
  • Big Toe in Missouri - $19845,
  • Eye in Missori - $69,457
  • Ear in Missouri - $24,310
Illinois Totals for Body Injuries

  • Arm in Illinois - $439,858
  • Leg in Illinois - $403,090
  • Foot in Illinois - $227,419
  • Big Toe in Illinois - $51,748
  • Eye in Illinois - $235,590
  • Ear in Illinois - $39,710
  • Testicle in Illinois - $73,537

These are the set limits for Missouri and Illinois. The specifics of your case may further change what your injury is worth. To get a clear idea of what your hand injury may be worth, contact our Personal Injury Lawyers in Tuscola now.