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October 23, 2019 | Gary Burger

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Claim?

If you've ever dealt with insurance after an accident, you know how difficult it can be to get the full recovery you are owed for your injuries and damages. Sometimes it can be a nasty, drawn-out fight. But what are the circumstances that wouldn't require a lawyer to be on hand? How can you know whether or not you need a lawyer to represent you in your personal injury claim?

In this FAQ, Gary details if and when you need a lawyer for your personal injury claim. Not every case requires the assistance of a lawyer, but any case involving serious accidents is almost always going to need the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. If you have any questions about this FAQ, or if you would like to speak with one of our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis today, call our team at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222. We don't charge any fees for our consultations and we never charge any attorneys fees unless we win your claim.

Do I need a Lawyer for my Accident?

How do you know whether you should hire a lawyer for your personal injury case? So, a lot of times, you don’t know the answers to the questions, but you know the questions, and that’s enough. And basically, if you have a small case where you have a couple of visits, and you have a good adjuster on the other side that’s treating you fairly, settle your own case. You don’t need a lawyer like me. I’m not going to add value to your case. However, if you’re seriously injured, if the insurance company is jerking you around, if they’re contesting liability, if they’re saying that your medical should be cut off six weeks after your accident, or saying you really shouldn’t be treating a year later, you may need help.

First off, if you're injured as a result of an accident and the accident was not your fault, you are owed a recovery. Regardless of what the insurance says, you are legally entitled to recover. They won't tell you this, but they know it. They are going to tell you that they can't offer you any more money, and that what they have already offered you is above the normal limits. Both of those statements will be false. They just want you to accept a much, much lower amount than what you are owed.

Secondly, if you're hurt, you're hurt. Whatever time it takes you to fully recover is the amount of time it is going to take you. There are no, well you should be done by this amount of time, or we're cutting your medical off because anything more than this is experimental. You are owed what you are owed. Remember that. If you are one of the rare cases where the insurance company is willing to provide you with the full care you need without any additional hassle, as stated before, you may not need a lawyer. Just remember, if they offer any push-back to your needs, it will probably be best to at least speak with an attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies

So, call me with questions to see whether or not you should hire us. Call me and meet with me for free, and I’ll tell you, I’ll say, “Go settle it yourself,” or, “I can add value to it. Here’s what I can do for you. Here’s how I can put more money in your pocket even with my contingency fee.” We don’t take a fee if there’s no recovery. Every consultation we have for the first time is free, always, and we’ll always answer your questions. Gary Burger, 314-542-2222. is my email. If you want to email me, ask me a question for free, please do so. Thanks.