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October 22, 2019 | Gary Burger

What is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

You've been in a truck accident, you're injured, and you need help. You know you're going to need financial assistance to pay all of your medical bills, and missing work isn't going to help you get there. But why should you pay for an accident you didn't cause? Why should you have to suffer because of another person's actions? The answer? You shouldn't.

If you didn't cause the accident and if you followed the rules of the road and another driver crashed into you, it's not your fault and you should not be held liable for any of the damages that were caused to you or your vehicle. We are Burger Law, the experienced, professional, and qualified Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis who local residents have come to rely upon and trust when they've been hurt or when their rights and recoveries are under attack.

What is my Truck Accident Claim worth? - Personal Injury Attorney St. Louis

There are several important questions that arise immediately following an accident, and one of the most asked questions is "How much is my accident worth?" It's always ok to ask this question and asking this question is not going to make you seem selfish or greedy. You are owed a recovery when you are injured through no fault of your own. You deserve it, and you need to know how much you stand to gain for your accident.

We first have to understand that recoveries from accidents are going to vary based off of several different factors, such as insurance policies, health bills, wages lost, punitive damages, and other factors that can arise from a deposition or a court case if the claim goes to trial. Here is a breakdown of several different factors that can determine how much your truck accident claim is worth:

  • Insurance Policy - Insurance Policies will often have maximum limits that are set in accordance with the policy, accident or the severity of the accident. These limits are often in the ten's of thousands, but can be upwards of a million dollars in accidents involving a fatality.
  • Medical Bills - If you incurred medical bills from an accident and the accident was not your fault, you are not liable for the payment of those bills. Either the others party's insurance or your insurance can be held liable for the medical bills. Often, they will tell you that they will only pay "X" amount of the bills and that you will have to cover the rest, but this is not correct and is false. You can sue the other insurance company or even your own if they are refusing to cooperate, and guess what, when you take an insurance company to court they are almost always willing to pay more than they initially offered.
  • Disability Claims and Loss of Use of Limbs - Hopefully you'll never need to use these amounts, but here is how much your limbs are worth if they are lost in an accident.
    • Arm - $115,000
    • Leg - $102,697
    • Hand - $86,812
    • Thumb - $29,767
    • Index Finger - 22,325
    • Foot - $74,418
    • Big Toe - $19,845
    • Eye - $69,457
    • Ear - $24,310
    • Testicle - $27,678

    Disability, or the inability to return to work can also determine how much your claim is worth. Remember, you didn't ask to be injured, to be out of work, or to have medical bills. None of these things were part of your life plan. You can sue for loss of work, wages, and loss of the ability to work. These factors, as well as the numbers listed above, can either increase or decrease the recovery you may be owed in a claim.

  • Reaccuring Medical Bills and Fees - Sometimes injuries have lasting damages and require months if not years of medical attention. The costs of either the medicine, the rehab, or the multiple surgeries can be astronomical and often far beyond the means of anyone to pay alone. These costs can further what your truck accident claim may be worth, and remember, you are owed these amounts. You didn't cause your accident, so you shouldn't have to pay for it.
  • Death - No amount of money will ever equal the worth of someone's life. When death is involved, any claim, whether it's a car accident, truck accident, or a workers' compensation claim will almost always be near the $1,000,000 range. Insurance companies carry policy maximums for death that typically are around the million dollar mark. If your claim involves a death, it is possible that your family could recover this amount.
  • Damages to Vehicle - Any damages to your vehicle can be recovered, this includes if your vehicle was totaled. Insurance policies will typically dictate what a vehicle is worth and what you can recover for the vehicle.

This list is only a quick breakdown of what you could be entitled to for your Truck Accident Claim. Your case may have other variables or costs that are outside of this scope, and that's ok, your case is your case and you deserve to recover from all damages and costs that you incur because of the negligent acts of another. If at this point you have any questions, or you would like to speak with our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis, call our firm immediately. We do care about you and we will fight for your full rights and recovery.

Our Truck Accident Claim Cases - Personal Injury Lawyer St. Louis

Experience in any claim or field of Law is important. You need to know that the attorney you choose to represent your interests has a proven background of success in your type of claim. We do. Our Personal Injury Lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those injured in truck accidents, and we have a great record of success in ensuring that our clients get 100 percent of the care they need, and that they aren't left with any debt after the accident and claim.