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January 24, 2022 | Gary Burger

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So, I’m a typical St. Louis guy. You know, I went to Parkway South High School, to college at Mizzou, and law school at WashU, and I came out, got a litigation job, and then I started representing individuals in injury cases in around the year 2000 after I trained at other places, and I just learned the tricks of the trade. I worked a lot to hone my skills as a trial lawyer, as someone who can present people cases, to figure out past liability, enforce the rules of the road that govern us all in society. So, who I market to or who I represent is the future injured, right? Who are they, right? No one knows. No one knows if a doctor’s going to cut something wrong or if a driver is going to rear-end them or if a tractor-trailer is going to drive too many hours and be tired and injure or kill someone. No one comes in and says, “Now I want to have to hire a lawyer. Now I want to have to go to trial. Now I want to have to do all of this,” because it’s very stressful; you want an easy resolution of these claims and these damages. Insurance companies regularly drive people to me because they’re not fair to people or are big corporate defendants. So, that’s what I do. So, that’s what we do here is we make sure we know what all the damages are. You get to know me. My card has my cellphone number on it. My Burger Law coffee mug that I drink of, on the back of it I put the definition of compensate because that’s what we do. The idea of justice is to supply an equivalent, to offset an error, to make amends. If defendants or corporations took responsibility and owned up and paid for the harm that they caused, then you won’t need me. At Burger Law we’re dedicated to fighting for injured individuals and their families.