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September 21, 2022 | Gary Burger

Shafthianos Hudson Car Accident Client Testimonial

We are proud to have obtained a great financial recovery for our client, Shafthianos!

Gary speaks with our great friend and client, Shafthianos, about his recently settled car accident case. Fortunately, Shafthianos was proactive and knew to call us right away - on the day of his accident!

In his case, Shafthianos was struck in a collision when a careless driver chose to move into the lane where Shafthianos was traveling. He was injured due to the driver's negligence but ran into difficulties finding and receiving the medical care he needed. Still, he continued to stay positive and focus on bettering himself.

We were able to help him get a settlement of 2.5 times what he was hoping to recover. We are so proud of what Shafthianos has achieved even while dealing with his injuries and even more proud to call him a friend.

Thank you for choosing Burger Law!

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