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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Workers Compensation Lawyer

Burger Law is Here to Help Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus Workers Compensation Lawyer

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused global uncertainty. Many workers have risked their health and lives by working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our coronavirus worker’s compensation lawyers are steadfastly helping victims and their families file COVID-19 worker’s compensation and wrongful death claims.

Diseases unrelated to a person’s job generally do not qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. However, if a condition was caused, or made worse, as a result of a job, then it can likely recover worker’s compensation benefits for occupational illness or wrongful death. Hospital systems have seen an uptick in nursing home workers compensation claims. A Kansas City nurse recently filed a claim against a hospital system, and there are sure to be others.

Burger Law is here to help employees diagnosed with coronavirus and the surviving families of workers killed due to COVID-19 during this uncertain time. Reach out to our coronavirus workers compensation lawyers now to review your case.

The early stages of a workers compensation lawsuit are vital to the success of a case. Our attorneys will need to know exactly what happened, who caused the situation, and whether or not the victim’s employer took adequate precautions against the spread of COVID-19. Contact Burger Law now at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222, or fill out our contact form below to file a claim.

Burger Law explains CDC mandated employer regulations, coronavirus prevention, and workers compensation liability. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help you recover workers compensation benefits if you or someone you love was infected with, or killed by, coronavirus as a result of an employer’s negligence.

COVID-19 in Public Transportation | COVID-19 Workers Compensation Lawyers

Public transportation workers are risking their health, and lives, working during the coronavirus outbreak. Potential exposure to the virus includes having close contact with a carrier of the virus and touching shared services – all of which is difficult while using public transportation.

To limit the spread of coronavirus, public transportation operators should mandate strict virus prevention measures, such as signs and announcements that remind passengers to remain 6 feet from other passengers and the driver, to avoid touching surfaces, and use face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

If a public transportation operator fails to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and an employee becomes sick or dies from coronavirus, this is grounds for a workers compensation or wrongful death lawsuit.

What If I Get Coronavirus As a Nurse?

No essential employee is more at risk for coronavirus than health care workers. Nearly 1,000 union members of The New York State Nurses Association tested positive for coronavirus, and thousands of nursing home wrongful death claims have been filed.

Hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other health care facilities need to follow state and federal COVID-19 prevention regulations. If coronavirus prevention measures aren’t implemented, and a nurse is infected with or dies from COVID-19, the facility can be sued for workers compensation or have a wrongful death lawsuit brought against them.

Who Can I Sue If I Get Coronavirus As a Teacher?

As of March 2020, 61 Department of Education employees in New York City have died from coronavirus, and two teachers and a parent in Missouri tested positive.

During this uncertain time, school systems across the U.S. need to take precautionary measures seriously. These COVID-19 prevention measures, include sanitizing all surfaces in schools, participating in virtual classes for the foreseeable future, and notifying parents of any updates during the COVID-19 pandemic. If an educational institution doesn’t prevent the spread of coronavirus, and a teacher contracts or is killed by coronavirus, this is grounds for a workers compensation or wrongful death suit.

Can I Sue If I Test Positive for Coronavirus As a Delivery Driver or Warehouse Worker?

Delivery drivers and warehouse workers are putting themselves at risk of coronavirus every day.

Research has shown that the virus can live on plastic packaging for 2 to 3 days and up to 24 hours on cardboard.

If you were infected with coronavirus as a delivery driver, or someone you love was killed by COVID-19 due to hazardous work conditions, you may be able to bring a workers compensation claim.

COVID-19 Workers Compensation Lawyer

I Tested Positive for Coronavirus As a Grocery Store Employee – Now What?

Grocery stores are one of the most essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers are required to frequently sanitize surfaces, provide protective equipment, and restrict the number of customers in stores. However, some employers aren’t taking precaution against the spread of coronavirus and employees are getting sick or dying due to a grocery retailer’s negligence.

If you or a loved one were infected with or killed by the coronavirus as a grocery store worker, and have evidence of your employer’s negligence in preventing the spread of COVID-19, you could have a workers compensation negligence or wrongful death lawsuit.

Can I Get Workers Compensation If I Get Coronavirus As a Public Service Worker? | COVID-19 Workers Comp Lawyers

Public service workers are on the frontlines of this pandemic, and it is vital that precautionary measures are implemented across the board by federal employers. If an employee shows symptoms, or tests positive for the virus, they should be quarantined, employees should be alerted, and the facility should be shut down for sanitizing.

However, half a dozen federal employees came forward with statements that a federal employer was not taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Failure of a public service employer to follow COVID-19 prevention measures can result in a workers compensation lawsuit against the federal agency or facility responsible if a public service worker contracts the virus, or is killed by COVID-19 as a result of their job.

I Contracted Coronavirus As An Essential Restaurant Worker – Can I Get Worker’s Compensation?

Bars and restaurants across the nation have stopped on-site dining services, but many continue to provide carryout and curbside pickup options. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential for restaurants to provide staff with gloves and masks and encourage frequent hand washing and cleaning of shared services. Since March, there have been many reports of restaurant workers becoming sick or dying from work-related coronavirus symptoms.

If a restaurant worker gets sick or dies from coronavirus complications due to their job, a workers compensation injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against a restaurant.

COVID-19 Workers Compensation Attorney

How to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

COVID-19 prevention measures are the same precautions used to detect and prevent common viruses such as the flu. This includes frequent hand washing, avoiding social contact, and not touching shared surfaces.

*Note that while public spaces, such as grocery stores and public transportation, are a hotspot for infection, everyday contact for people both healthy and immunocompromised is dangerous.

Strictly following state and federal COVID-19 prevention regulations is the legal obligation of employers across the U.S. to keep staff and patrons safe during infectious outbreaks. Failure to follow COVID-19 regulations could result in a coronavirus workers compensation lawsuit against the negligent facility.

Below are some of the coronavirus prevention regulations to which essential employers and facilities are required to adhere:

Surfaces and Objects Should Be Continually Disinfected

People of all ages are being infected with the coronavirus. With grocery stores, public service facilities, public transportation, and other facilities and services being deemed essential during the pandemic, it’s crucial for employers to prioritize frequent sanitizing. According to the CDC, one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to continually disinfect door handles, tables, chairs, and other shared surfaces. If a facility fails to take proper sanitary precautions, and an employee gets sick, this could result in a workers compensation lawsuit and loss of life.

Essential Staff Should Wear Masks and Gloves

Coronavirus spreads fastest via respiratory droplets and touch. As such, the CDC recommends that all people (especially nurses, grocery store employees, and public transportation staff) wear face masks and gloves to prevent its spread. If an employer fails to provide gloves, face masks, face shields, and other supplies to nurses or other essential employees, and the employee contracts COVID-19, the infected person can bring a coronavirus workers compensation lawsuit against the facility. Failure to uphold due diligence is negligence.

COVID-19 Positive Employees Should Stay At Home

Isolation is one of the most effective ways of preventing a COVID-19 positive individual from infecting others. Isolation must be achieved as soon as an individual is suspected of having coronavirus – this is done through persistent surveillance by the employer and employees. If an employee is showing coronavirus-related symptoms such as dry coughing, running a fever, or having shortness of breath, these symptoms should be spotted immediately, and COVID-19 prevention measures should be strictly enforced. Failure to make an employee stay home after being diagnosed with coronavirus, or displaying symptoms, is grounds for a workers compensation lawsuit.

Complying with Federal COVID-19 Regulations

CDC coronavirus regulations mandate that essential employers and facilities must utilize an Infection Control Program, which is designed to help each employee attain or maintain their highest level of well-being. Under these regulations, facilities must:

  • Investigate, actively control, and prevent COVID-19 infections in the facility
  • Instruct employees diagnosed with coronavirus, or who are suspected to be potential carriers, to stay home and self isolate for two weeks instead of going to work
  • Prevent sick employees from coming in contact with other employees, guests, facility surfaces, and objects
  • Document infection control incidents, including who was infected, when it happened, and what prevention measures were taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19

When investigating a potential coronavirus workers compensation lawsuit against a facility, our worker’s comp attorneys require a copy of the employer’s infection control record. This record should include potential coronavirus cases, as well as the steps that the facility took to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our attorneys will analyze whether the facility followed federal COVID-19 regulations accordingly. If it is determined that an employee or facility didn’t take proper steps to prevent COVID-19 while performing the duties of their job, we will bring a workers compensation lawsuit on your behalf.

Contacting a lawyer, gathering information (medical records, proof of employment, the facility’s documentation, etc.) is essential for pursuing a worker’s compensation case. Contact Burger Law now if you’ve been infected with COVID-19 as an employee during this tragic pandemic.

COVID-19 Workers Compensation Attorneys

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 as a worker, or someone you loved was killed by coronavirus related to their job, you could have a valid workers compensation claim.

Burger Law is ready to help you and your loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic. Our worker’s compensation attorneys have fought for and settled countless cases of workplace injury, illness, and wrongful death. We fight hard to obtain justice for the family’s of those injured or killed on the job, and can recover the compensation that you deserve from a negligent employer.

Call or contact Burger Law, at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222 for a free case review. Our coronavirus workers compensation attorneys handle claims with the utmost care and are available to answer any questions that you might have about your case during this challenging time.

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