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Insurance Business Interruption Claims

Fighting for Victims of Insurance Business Interruption

Business interruption is a serious and immediate concern for all businesses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are taking the position that COVID-19 and unexpected work reduction is not covered by business interruption insurance.

Burger Law offers free consultations to clients that have been denied business interruption claims by their insurance company. Help us help you protect your business and workers. Your insurance company will never pay on this claim without legal help. This is likely significant to you and your business. Business owners pay premiums for years and then have their claims improperly denied.

Insurance companies are denying these claims. Improperly so. They assert the pandemic is not causing directly causing “physical loss, damage or expense,” is not “Government Action.” You may even have Civil Authority coverage or Communicable Disease Coverage, but are still being denied. We are well versed in battling Insurance companies for their improper denials of claims and have a long history of winning in these claims.

Call, email us or fill out a contact page on our website for a free consultation.

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Are You Getting the Business Interruption Coverage You Paid For?

Did you file a proof of claim form and were denied? Call us.

Businesses that are forced to suspend operations or cut hours rely on cooperation with their insurers. As of May 2020, most businesses are making sacrifices. Hours are decreased, staff are furloughed, and clientele may be non-existent. However, businesses that have insurance policies to cover payroll, overhead costs, rent, business income, other essential business costs and expenses, are struggling to collect payment from their insurers.

Contact Burger Law now if you have filed for a business interruption claim and were ignored or rejected. These are odd times, and having additional financial pressure is a lose-lose for everyone. Our firm is here to review your case and help you secure your business’ future.

What Are Business Interruption Claims?

Business interruption policies typically cover any event that leads to lost business income, unexpected expenses, and other tragedies. This includes earthquakes, fires, theft, falling objects, and other circumstances that could cause a business to lose income or relocate.

These policies are designed to act fast in emergencies (i.e. natural disasters). While social distancing, businesses transitioning to remote work, and other health issues have developed slowly over the past few months, and the effects may not seem immediate, they have put a serious burden on many industries. Restaurants, service-based work, construction, retailers, and other companies have struggled to meet payroll and operational requirements.

To have a claim you must:

  1. Have business insurance that includes Business Interruption Insurance. This can also be called Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage. You may have additional applicable coverage called Civil Authority Coverage or Communicable Disease Coverage.
  2. File a Proof of Loss and/or Claim with your insurance company.
  3. Have that claim denied by your insurance company.

If so, contact us and we can help.

Business Interruption Claims

If your business has been interrupted by the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, there are a few key pieces of information our firm will need to help you proceed.

  • Any information about your existing Business Interruption Insurance Policy – including your insurer, your claim or proof of loss and any denial letters or communications.
  • The reason your business had to close (or scale back) due to the viral outbreak
  • The dates when your business closed or was impacted due to COVID-19
  • Any supporting documents you provided to the insurance company to support your claim

The business interruption claims lawyers at Burger Law are actively seeking clients that have been denied coverage or offered partial coverage.

You should file the claim yourself and contact us once you are denied. Of course, if you have questions about how to best fill out the claim form, we can help.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims COVID-19

Businesses Affected

Businesses impacted by the pandemic and the necessary government and health response include restaurants, shipping companies, healthcare providers, grocery stores, and others that provide essential services. You can also consider police, EMS personnel, firefighters, food production, and anyone that is necessary to run essential operations.

Contact a Business Interruption Lawyer

Burger Law is a St. Louis-based law firm that fights insurance companies daily in a variety of practice areas.

We are responding to COVID-19 by working remotely, practicing social distancing, and helping businesses, business owners and their families as best we can. Do not hesitate to call Burger Law now at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222.

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