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Rodney: I’m here with John Burns, one of our attorneys here at Burger Law. So John, tell us about your last week here. What have you gotten done? I know you got a couple of big things though.

John: Yeah, some of the couple of cases. Got some great recoveries for a few clients which was fantastic. Working on a number of different cases that are in litigation and a bunch of different workers’ compensation cases.

Rodney: Okay. I know one of those settlements, you were actually working hard on it on your day-off. Tell us about that.

John: Yeah. I had taken the Friday before New Year’s Day off, and it just so happened that on that Friday the opposing counsel have reached out with an offer to settle the case. It was actually really great for the client, and so I actually was negotiating it and finalizing it on my day-off, so it worked out great though for the client, so that’s the most important thing.

Rodney: It’s good to hear. So, 2017 was your first full year with us here at Burger Law. What did you like the most about it?

John: I think that the things that I find most fulfilling about being a lawyer in general are when I can help a client who is truly in need of some immediate assistance or some help that’s beyond the normal help that we provide for clients, and the typical situation in which that occurs is when a client has been injured on the job and is injured so severely that they can’t work, and in those types of situations the employer is supposed to provide a temporary wage benefit under the law, and sometimes they don’t want to pay those wages, and sometimes they contest those wages and it causes tremendous financial hardship on the worker, and in those situations we have to fight extra hard, and we have to go toe-to-toe with the insurance companies to make sure that our clients get the benefits and the compensation that they deserve under Missouri law, and recently we’ve had a number of great successes on that front. That’s a great feeling. I mean, it’s great for the client, but obviously it feels good for us to know that we did a good job.

Rodney: Okay. Going forward, both in the next week and for the rest of 2018, what are you most looking forward to and what do you think we’re going to accomplish going forward?

John: I think it’s going to be more of the same. We have always continued to be extremely aggressive in seeking compensation for our clients, and because of that we file a lot of lawsuits. We litigate our cases probably more than any other firm that I’m aware of. We file more suits than any other firm that I know of, and that’s because we demand that our clients get the maximum amount of compensation, which is to say, the compensation that they’re owed, and so I look forward to that. I enjoy kind of mixing it up with the insurance companies. If they don’t want to pay what’s right, then we’re going to make it right, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

Rodney: Thanks, John.

John: You’re welcome.

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