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We settled a workers compensation case and an automobile accident for our client Daniel.

Daniel was rear-ended on the highway at a high rate of speed when the other driver wasn’t paying attention to traffic ahead of her. Like Brad above, Daniel had significant medical from his accident. Daniel treated consistently with a physical therapist and also received steroid injections.

The insurance company didn’t want to pay for all of the treatment and had given Daniel a low offer in the beginning. We fought hard and negotiated a lot.

Sometimes, insurance companies try to give a low offer if there are prior injuries, if they think the impact is low, or if there are gaps in treatment, like here. However, we know sometimes life happens and you can’t make appointments, and that the back pain you had two years ago isn’t what caused your back pain after a significant accident.

That’s why we always negotiate with insurance companies to mitigate these factors. We did that for our client Daniel who had seen a chiropractor for ten years prior to this accident.

The insurance company tried to say that not all of Daniel’s back pain came from this accident. But after some back and forth, we were able to raise the defendants offer over $30,000 to $61,000.

Check out the blogs and podcasts I have done on using different techniques to get a good result for your client and how to negotiate with insurance companies.

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