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I settled a case on Thursday November 17, 2016 at mediation. We had $5,000 in paid medical and settled the case for $26,000. We also had a significant settlement in medical payment benefits and were able to get our client a fantastic recovery. But what about med pay and health insurance liens? Click here for a little more.

A med pay recovery from your client’s own insurance company is separate from the claim you get against the other party and separate from health insurance. Further, the med pay benefit payor usually does not subrogate to the claim against the third party- i.e. they can’t get their money back. So, get your med pay for your client and also purse a claim against the other party. This puts extra money in your own client’s pocket.

Further, our client had an ERISA lien in her case for the $5,000 in medical bills her health insurance company paid. Try to resolve an ERISA claim before you have completed the settlement with the tortfeasor and before the highest offer. Our client Samantha is very happy with our result.

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