Hi! I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, there are special rules of the road that apply to you. So, our driver’s guide and rules of the road has specific rules about folks looking out for motorcycles and that’s when motorcycle crashes happen. It is rarely the motorcycle driver’s fault. It’s always folks who aren’t looking, who aren’t paying attention, who are not honoring the right of way that the motorcycle has, or kind of takes a risk or that kind of stuff. We read about these tragic crashes all the time, and you need to make sure if you’re injured in a motorcycle crash that the driver, usually of a car or truck, that violated that rules of the road, that injured you, fully compensates you for your injuries.

I tried this case in Jefferson County and where we got a $142,000 verdict for a painter friend of mine. We did a great job and got a great result in Jefferson County for that case. In that case, there was a girl at a stop sign. He and his buddy were riding on a Sunday afternoon – our beautiful Sundays in Missouri and in the fall and the spring it’s even more prevalent – as she pulled right out in front of him. She had a stop sign. She blew up, pulled right in front of him. He had to lay his bike down and hit her.

Remember that they’ll often try to blame you for laying your bike down or taking evasive action or doing something like that, but that is rarely your fault and juries rarely will fault you for that because you’re making a split-second decision to adjust to a calculated violation of a rule of the road by a defendant, and you should not be given or have any negligent apportioned to you under those circumstances.

So, if you have a motorcycle crash and you have some questions about it, call me, Gary Burger at (314) 542-2222 or visit our website or email me at gary@burgerlaw.com. Thanks.

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