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Communicating with Your Insurance Company After an Accident

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Hi! This is Gary Burger at Burger Law. If you’re injured in an auto accident, you’re going to have to deal with insurance companies, okay? So, you’re talking to your own insurance company. You need to communicate the incident to them. Often that’s an easy and quick way to get paid for your property damage. When they ask you about what happened, make sure you identify the negligence on the part of the other side, why it’s the other person’s fault that the accident happened. Communicate to them about getting your car fixed, estimates done and your car repaired as soon as possible.

I try not to take property damage cases because I don’t want to take a fee on that, and often it’s hard to get adequately compensated anyway, so handle your own property damage case of yourself. If they talk to you about your injuries, make sure you describe all the injuries you’ve had or that you still don’t know everything that you’ve had because you’re still getting symptoms. Communicate to them witnesses’ names, the name of the defendant driver, the other insurance they have.

I have other videos on here about what to do immediately following an auto accident. I have a page on my website about that, but when you’re communicating with the insurance company just be accurate and make sure that you communicate everything. If you have any questions about how to communicate with an insurance company, call me, I can help,, (314) 542-2222.

Remember that you often want to follow-up on your communications, your emails, your written communications, so you have a clear record of when you talk to the insurance company and what youtalk to them.

If you’re talking to the other side’s insurance company, do not give a recorded statement. You can communicate the facts and circumstances of the incident and that you expect they’ve had to compensate you for your injuries because it’s their insured’s fault to the accident, but don’t give arecorded statement.

If they start jerking you around and don’t treat you fairly, call me, I can help. Thank you.

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