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We represented the daughter of Sonja Douglas. She was taking Fentanyl prescribed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals pursuant to doctor’s orders. Fentanyl is a highly effective and toxic pain reliever that is put in patches and stuck to the skin and administered to the person transdermally. However, Janssen has had problems (it did not disclose to its patients) — providing of the drug through the skin can release too much Fentanyl to a person.  Unfortunately, Alfredda Allen died of Fentanyl intoxication. We did extensive work on this case, hiring the toxicologist as our expert, getting medical records and bills and filing suit and prosecuting this case in the City of St. Louis. We did discovery and pushed the manufacturer aggressively. We were able to settle this case for a large confidential amount which, unfortunately still will not bring her back. However, we hope that these funds will enable her daughter and grandchildren of future generations to live a more comfortable lives and for her family to graciously remember her.

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