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Drivers who are texting and driving have made a conscious decision to take their eyes off the road and imperil all other drivers and pedestrians in their path. This reckless action accounts for 391,000 injuries every year, and nearly 4000 deaths nationwide. Texting and Driving Accidents are especially heinous because drivers who regularly text are aware of the dangers of texting and driving, but 75% of drivers continue to text and drive anyway. If you or your loved ones have been the unfortunate victim of a texting and driving accident, you need to know your rights, and you need a talented team of lawyers to ensure that you or your loved ones are properly cared for. The lawyers at Burger Law are experts at dealing with Texting and Driving Accident cases and are ready to assist you our your loved one in receiving the fair compensation that you deserve. Contact Burger Law today for your free case evaluation.

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Our Personal Injury Lawyers understand just how devastating a texting and driving accident can be. No one should be the victim of a driver who chose to use negligent actions while operating a motor vehicle, and no one should have to suffer emotionally, physically, or financially because of those actions. If you or someone you love has been affected by a texting and driving accident and need professional guidance through the legal hurdles ahead, allow Burger Law to help in this difficult time. Our experienced and professional lawyers are waiting and ready to assist you today.

The texting and driving lawyers at Burger Law offer legal counseling within the regions of Missouri and Illinois. If you need more information regarding texting and driving accidents, what your rights as a victim are, the penalties for texting and driving, or any other information in regards to texting and driving, contact the lawyers at the Burger Law immediately. We will provide you with exceptional advice, litigation, and support.



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