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Posted in Newsletter on May 8, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

$100,000 for Motorcycle Liability Claim

We were faced with a single vehicle motorcycle crash where our client left his bike and sustained injuries. The sole witness was bad for us: our client was traveling at a high rate of speed, whipping back and forth between traffic. The reporting officer believed he lost control due to speeding and slick road conditions. His motorcycle continued 150 feet without a rider. Here's the report:

So, what did we do? Our client said a phantom driver (who left the scene) hit him and caused the crash. So we made a claim again Farmers Insurance under our client’s motorcycle policy. He had both uninsured and underinsured coverage in the amount of $50,000 each. We made a demand for the full policy limits for both coverages. We refused to take anything less than the full policy limits.

We had to get full recovery on the uninsured to even be entitled to underinsured coverage. Here's a link to my unisured motorist page and video on our website. Here is a video on underinsured coverage in Missouri. Here's a link to my Illinois un and underinsured blog with info on mandatory arbitration in Illinois.

Interestingly, because there was uninsured coverage at issue, we had the opportunity to stack coverage on Ron's other two vehicles. However, when you stack insurance policies in Missouri you only stack the Missouri minimum amount, or $25,000. He only had two vehicles so we had no advantage to stack in the uninsured policy because he had $50,000 in uninsured coverage on his motorcycle.

So after litigating and pursuing the case we received full payment of $100,000 for Ronald. We were able to get all of his medical providers to assert liens in the case and we were able to reduce those liens. We put over $50,000 in Ron’s pocket after all fees, expenses, and medical bills were paid. We are very happy to get this amazing result.

We have had a good success in getting motorcycle recoveries. Click here for videos and additional information on motorcycle crashes and here for other motorcycle success cases. If you have any questions about navigating insurance policies or succeeding in motorcycle crashes please give me a call.