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Posted in Uncategorized on August 1, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

12 Depositions Last Week

Last week the firm did 12 depositions. Attorney Jim Bax and I took or defended all of them between the two of us. And I have one today. Once I thought about it, they spanned over 5 different practice areas. I thought I could discuss a little of each below.

1-5. Contract Law: We had depositions of our clients in a case against an insurance company. This is a pretty complex case where the insurance company paid some money after water leaked into and damaged our clients' condo from another unit. But the insurance company refuses to pay the last portion under the insurance policy.

We were brought into the case a couple years ago when the insurance company sued my clients for the court to appoint an umpire to resolve the personal property part of the claim. The court did and we got our client another $26,000.

Then we counterclaimed for more $$ to fix the condo. Jim deposed 2 of the contractors who were doing restoration of the condo and I defended the depositions of our clients who did a great job.

6,7. Auto Accident: Our client was t-boned by a guy who failed to stop at a stop sign. Jim took the deposition of the defendant and defended our client in the case. During the deposition, the defendant claimed it wasn't his fault.

On the police report he said he didn't recall seeing any vehicles in the intersection but he was in a hurry to get to his mother's house. Our client was halfway through the intersection in the lane closest to defendant when he crashed into the side of her car.

Jim did a great job in the depo showing the defendant's denials to be dubious. He claimed to not see our client's car till the impact! Bogus. We will show him to be a liar at trial. Check out the car.

8 - 11. Wrongful Death: We defended 3 family members in depositions in a tragic wrongful death case. Our clients did a fantastic job and well told the story of their departed loved ones. I deposed the office manager of the defendant on policies and practices. Stay tuned for more updates in this case.

  1. Medical Malpractice: We defended depositions in a nursing home medical malpractice. We handle many of these types of cases. It’s hard for old or infirm people to advocate for themselves.
  2. Today I produce an economist for deposition in a complex class action case. More updates down the road in this one, too.

And I mediated a case, argued a Motion to Compel, filed a few lawsuits. What happened to taking off and chilling during the summer?