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Posted in Truck Accidents on March 7, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

$23,000 truck crash Settlement

Gary is so proud to have represented Thomas Ingram in a Trucking Accident. Tom is a older gentlemen whose vehicle was struck by a over-the-road truck driver who was not paying attention and on her cell phone.  The Texas trucking company Swift Transportation vigorously defended the case and refused to pay anything.  So Gary filed suit and litigated the case.  We obtained a $23,000.00 settlement check today in the mail for Tom on about $ 6, 481.25 in past medical expenses (this also included damages to his car).  Gary couldn’t be happier to fight for a quality person like Mr. Ingram.  We often post on this website our bigger success. (hundreds of thousands dollars here, million of dollars there)  However, Gary Burger gets just as much satisfaction on a more modest settlement like for Mr. Ingram, when we know it is a true victory and we are helping a quality person who deserves just and fair compensation, albeit on a smaller scale.  If you can relate to Mr. Ingram's story and would like a free case evaluation from an experienced attorney, please call us now at (314) 542-2222.