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It has been a busy Friday at Burger Law! I filed five lawsuits today in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Four of the five lawsuits involved drivers who chose to violate the rules of the road and, as a result, seriously injured our clients in car accidents. These rules come from the Missouri Drivers Guide.

Here is just a sample of the rule violations that led to today’s lawsuits:

  • Drivers should not cross a sidewalk or crosswalk without first yielding to pedestrians
  • Drivers entering a road from a driveway, alley or roadside must yield to vehicles already on the main road
  • When passing, give bicycles a full lane width. Do not squeeze past these road users.
  • The speed limit is the maximum allowable speed in ideal conditions. Adjust your speed for hills, curves, slippery roadways, limited sight distance, pedestrians, bicyclists and slow-moving vehicles

No one should ever be in too much of a hurry or too distracted to not drive safely while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Take your time and be safe out there. Don’t drive intexticated.

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