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Posted in Blog on June 8, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Another Impressive Car Crash Settlement

Burger Law has reached another impressive car crash settlement for a client. This time, our client Arvind was involved in an accident on a curve. As Arvind drove around a curve a driver headed towards his vehicle, crossed the line, and struck him.

Arvind’s arm was broken in the crash as the oncoming vehicle slammed into the driver’s side of Arvind’s vehicle. Arvind was transported from the scene to a local hospital. Two weeks later a rod and screws were inserted into Arvind’s wrist to fix the break.

Arvind had to go through physical therapy after the surgery and can now report zero pain. However, the driver who hit Arvind lied to police officers at the scene of the crash about having auto insurance.

Our firm decided to file an uninsured claim in Illinois with his insurance company, State Farm. These can be difficult claims as many insurance companies will want to conduct their own investigation to determine that a third-party insurer was not present.

The medical expenses for Arvind’s wrist surgery were $30,000. We fought hard for Arvind and acquired a settlement that we are proud of. We settled with the insurance company for $92,000! This amount will definitely cover his expenses.