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Posted in Blog on November 2, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Assistant Instructor - Scuba Diving

I have been a scuba diver for many years now. That journey began with a one day dive in Mexico 10 years ago. I learned in a bay from a guy in a little skiff in Spanish. I went down and followed a turtle for 45 minutes and came up. The folks on the surface were scared and thought they lost me.

Since then I have done well over a thousand dives, dove in many different oceans and seen many wonders under the sea. There's an amazing universe under water most people do not appreciate.

I have also trained and been certified as a cave diver. Again - amazing worlds and wonders under ground in Northern Florida and Mexico. Cave diving is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done in my life.

I have had the good fortune of working at Bonne Terre Mine for years as a dive master and dive guide. I led dives there on Sunday - a group of great divers from Pennsylvania. We have divers from all over the country and the world come to enjoy the mine. Its for open water certified divers who also get to experience deep earth diving.

The gratitude continues with being able to dive with my wife, Kristen, and son Jordan. In December, my daughter Lucy is going to join us - we plan to have 4 certified divers in the family and spend New Years Day under water in the Cayman Islands. Really looking forward to that.

And, I finally got around to completing my assistant instructor training and got (another) dive card. Here it is:

Here are some cool underwater pics from Bonne Terre.

If your a diver and interested - you have my standing invitation to bring you to the mine to dive. The cost is reasonable and we take open water divers.