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Posted in Blog on July 13, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Attorney Spotlight: Mike Singer

Burger Law welcomes its newest and youngest member to our team of attorney’s: Mike Singer.

Mike is no new face to Burger Law, having worked for us for before accepting a position as an attorney. Mike began his work with Burger Law during his second year of law school (2L) working for one our attorneys. Mike’s remarkable hard-working attitude was clear from the moment he began working with Burger Law when he was working two jobs and attending law school. Mike’s dedication paid off, when I heard about everything he was doing I offered him a raise so he could quit his second job to focus on Burger Law and his studies.

Mike is an outstanding lawyer, great writer, and a fierce advocate for our clients. He has proven to be a versatile and practical problem solver, being able to do whatever we throw at him and working with clients in both Illinois and Missouri.

We are so lucky Mike decided to join our team, and I knew from the second I met him he would be a great fit with Burger Law. He also just had his first solo deposition and did a great job. Having already passed the Missouri Bar, Mike is currently studying for the Illinois Bar. Mike may be new, but that does not take away from him being an essential member of the Burger Law team.