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Posted in Uncategorized on August 28, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

ATV Accident Injuries Can be Serious

ATV Accident Injuries Can be Serious

It’s the beginning of summer, and one of the things that we see increase in as to emergency rooms is all-terrain vehicle accidents or ATV crashes. I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. I’ve represented many folks against manu
facturers of ATVs and land owners for ATV accidents.

So, ATVs can be inherently dangerous because they have a deceptively high center of gravity; that means they’re prone to tip over. They’re also dangerous because they don’t have a differential in their tires, so when you’re going around a turn, the wheels don’t turn at different speeds. When you’re going around a turn, the inside wheels will skip or the outside wheels will skip; that’s why they say you can’t ride ATVs on pavement because you need the soft sand, dirt, grass for that slippage to occur safely.

ATVs, there was a Consumer Product Safety Commission Consent Decree in the 1980s banning three-wheel ATVs and also in the United States and also requiring certain safety measures about minors not riding on ATVs, no double riding on ATVs, every ATV is going to have big yellow warning signs about how dangerous they are, how prone to injure folks they are, as well as the other things you need to be careful with an ATV.

There are accident statistics every year on the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I have a blog on my website. I can give you the link directly to them, about the exact number of people in the United States injured, paralyzed and killed from ATVs. So, be careful about riding them.

Wear a helmet. Be careful

If you are going to ride them, don’t challenge the limits of the ATV. Wear a helmet. Be careful around men with testosterone around ATVs. The highest frequency or incidence of ATVs are men between 18 and 24, and many of those are head injuries or neck injuries, so be very careful around ATVs. If you’re doing an ATV or your children are, no drinking and riding; be nice and easy and calm with the ATV; no racing; no pushing the envelopes of the ATV. Folks forget that these ATVs are going at 50 miles an hour, and if you fly off at 50 miles an hour, you will be injured or killed. So, be very careful about ATVs.

If you have a question about ATV liability, liability against the manufacturer, the landowner, or you want to learn more about whether your family, you, a family member, a friend were injured in an ATV crash, you can go to our website. You can also call me, Gary Burger at 866-599-2222, in Illinois 618-272-2222, and in Missouri at 314-542-2222. You can visit us at too. Thank you.