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Posted in In the News on November 15, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Battle Against Stink Bugs

Do you have a stink bug problem like I do? Stink bugs often seem almost impossible to eradicate. After the bugs invaded my house this year I hired a pesticide company to come spray the area. They did, but then told me the spray won’t fix the problem as the bugs are coming in through the chimney. More common in the colder months, stink bugs are attracted to heat from a home’s chimney and prefer your house to the trees outside. They often come in the thousands.

I finally decided to solve the problem on my own. I bought some screening and zip ties at Home Depot, climbed up my roof – much to the chagrin of my wife – and blocked off the vents around the chimney. By taking care of the problem myself, I saved money and was able to complete some handy work around our home. (I also was able to scare my wife a little.)

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