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Posted in In the community on February 14, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Best Court Reporter, Karen Russo

I have just spent the last month in depositions almost every day. Below I am going to expand on a few settlements I obtained right after the depositions and a zero offer to $100,000 full policy settlement.

But first, I wanted to thank my great friend and amazing court reporter, Karen Russo. Karen is simply an amazing court reporter and individual. I am so lucky to have used the same court reporter for litigations for the past 20 years.

Together, Karen and I have taken more than 1000 depositions together! During the depositions, I am focused on winning my case. With Karen, I never worry about whether she can keep up or has got my back.

She can transcribe every word said, which is key because that is how we win cases. She is such a constant, steady, high-level professional that, sometimes, I unfortunately take her for granted. Sometimes we are around people that we always rely on to be there.

I thank Karen often, but have not done so in a public email like this. Thank you, Karen. You're an incredible court reporter and consummate professional.

Karen runs her own court reporting business. Click here to read more about her company and to hire her.

Karen has been with me litigating some wild cases with zany testimony we have taken together. Sometimes, I brag to the witnesses in depositions that Karen and I have been doing this for a long time as a team - usually when she reads back a question they have not answered.

I usually say that Karen has been court reporting for 40 or 50 years (as an age joke). Karen cannot respond since we are on the record. I must have said this joke at least 50 times - only I think it is funny.

Karen is also a devoted mother, energetic community volunteer and supportive partner to her husband, who runs a fantastic St. Louis based restaurant and catering company called Russo’s Catering for weddings and businesses.

I cannot praise Karen enough. If you need one of the best court reporters in St. Louis, reach out!