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Posted in Uncategorized on March 27, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Burger Law and Covid-19

With the coronavirus, it seems like things are changing rapidly, but Burger Law will not only keep up, but be ahead of the curve.

We remain open 24/7 to our clients and future clients who need our help.

We offer phone and video counseling for all our clients and prospective clients.

We work on our clients' cases continually and virtually and are able to sign new clients, file lawsuits, answer discovery, take depositions, mediate cases and take any legal action necessary.

Our modern firm has long been set up virtually. Cloud-based case management, intake and email programs, internet phone system, off-hours call service, a team of intake specialists, 100s of youtube help videos, DocuSign practice of signing contracts, zoom meetings, large server with remote access have, as it turned out, helped us be a virtual firm long ago.

To keep our lawyer friends, clients, and prospective clients updated, here are some important points about Burger Law's business operations during the Covid-19 mandatory social distancing/staying at home orders:

We are still open – we are operating as we always have for our clients. We have unmanned our physical office in downtown St. Louis and have all of our staff working from home. We have access to all of our client documents, and have scanners, computers, and everything we need in our home offices.

We are still working hard to get compensation for our clients' injuries. We have settled a large number of cases in the last two weeks and cases are moving. We have filed probably ten lawsuits in the last two weeks and sent out three times that many demand letters, and sets of discovery to try to settle cases.

We can handle your case or answer your questions without personally meeting. If you’re injured because of the bad conduct of another please contact us. We do video consults, phone consultation, electronic case sign up. We file your claim or lawsuit electronically.

We remain committed to our core mission: Obtaining justice and full compensation for the injured. When bad actors, large corporations and insurance companies needlessly break safety rules and injure people, we are there to help.

We honor Stay at Home Orders and social distancing requirements. We follow all guidelines and precautions. We’re doing our part to reduce the spread of coronavirus and have cleaned and sanitized our office. We now work mostly out of our homes but have been literally busier than ever. We have fully implemented a policy to have all of our clients avoid social interactions.

We are currently setting video depositions and video mediations. We are busy answering client and lawyer questions about a case, potential case, referrals from the lawyers, our operations during the Covid-19 pandemic for any other concerns about our clients' cases.

For lawyers who are challenged in litigating cases during this time, we can help. Call us for litigation support and to co-counsel in cases.

Please email me personally, call me on our office line at (314) 542-2222, on my cell phone, or reach out to me on Facebook messenger our Facebook page or any other way.