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Posted in Videos on March 12, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Burger Law Testimonial Compilations

Randy: They fought for me the whole time. They were there answering all my phone calls, all my questions. They were very personal, just helped me out every step of the way. The verdict was good. The first offer was not very good, so they appealed that and came back with $142,000, and they even reduced the medical bill for me to help me out there.

Gary: How did you like hearing the Court of Appeals arguments? Wasn’t that cool?

Randy: Oh, it was great, like it was on TV.

Mary: $671,000 check, money I’ve never had in my life. So, yeah, that was a big surprise.

Michael: Whatever he told us, everything went to where he had explained everything.

Mary: Oh, I think you did good. I mean the depos were very plain and understandable. I have no problems with those at all. No.

Gary: Good. Did you enjoy reading them or being part of the process?

Mary: Yes. I was very happy with knowing exactly what was going on with everybody and what they were saying and thinking. Yes. Through this whole ordeal I’ve learned a lot. A lot.

Gary: Great.

Michael: I can put a point of doing the depositions, points with a deposition through your information there that we didn’t even know, and you got it for us and we’re like, “Really? We didn’t even know.” The defendants, we didn’t even know some of the defendants even existed.

Gary: You’re buying a home, right?

Mary: Yes. That’s priority. I want to be in my own home.

Gary: Have you ever owned a home like that?

Mary: I’ve owned a home with my other marriage but not like this one.

Gary: How blessed are you!

Mary: Yeah.

Gary: And I know you’ve been praying a lot.

Mary: I sure have, and God answered my prayer.

Gary: And you too, Mike. I know this has been hard on you. You had two surgeries on your foot.

Michael: I had two surgeries. It’s been a long road. I never thought this day will ever come and finally it has come, you know. I’m glad and I’m happy.

Audra: Oh, I love working with your firm. Everybody was extremely nice, professional. I never felt like I was inconveniencing by when I came in. I was always greeted with a smile. You were always more than willing to come out of your office and say hi to me, even if it was just for me to come in and sign papers. So, I have absolutely no complaints. It was stressful going into it, not knowing what to expect, but once I got there and talked to you, you calmed my nerves about it because it was, I mean, just being honest, which was what we were anyway. You’re like, “All you got to do is tell the truth and you’re going to be okay.” I know that if anything ever happened like that again, I would definitely come back to you to represent me again.

Loryn: So good, so excellent, helped me so much, and I’m so appreciative.

Loryn’s Dad: Well, the first time we had a hung jury. And so, we came back here the second time within just a few months, and you hit a home run. It was one of the most interesting, I think for my daughter, fulfilling things I’ve ever seen. It was really good. I thought you did really well on trial. You had everything on point. All your facts were in place. No missteps. There wasn’t one misstep that I saw.

Loryn: I couldn’t have had a better lawyer to represent me in a case that meant a lot to me personally. So, thank you.

Richard: You work very hard. You’re very serious at your craft and your profession. While I’m working, you’re very knowledgeable about your profession and another advantage that I gained from the relationship is I learned a lot of good practice tips. You make me a better lawyer. The results that you have obtained on the cases I’ve sent to you are better than I could have gotten on my own.

Titus: I was hit by a young kid, you know, carelessness. It was kind of a bad accident, and you guys took care of me. By him hitting me so hard, the impact gave me a shoulder injury, neck injury, and upper back. 13,000.

Joel: In your pocket, right?

Titus: Yes, sir.

Joel: Okay. Are you happy with Burger Law overall?

Titus: Yes, I am.

Joel: Great.

Titus: I might have a recommendation for you today.

Joel: I’m happy you’re feeling better.

Titus: Yes.

Joel: You got the care that you needed, and you got the justice that you deserved.

Randy: Gary Burger was a great guy. He stuck up, he stayed at it, and he did a good job for me. I was really amazed when I got a phone call. I mean, we went through a lot, but he got us through it.

Gary: What phone call?

Randy: When he called me to let me know that he had received an offer and we accepted it.

Gary: And what do we settle the case for?

Randy: For 80,000.

Gary: That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

Randy: Yes.

Gary: We put a lot in your pocket.

Randy: Yes, he did.

Gary: I know you’re a hardworking man with a young child. I know your family is the most important thing to you.

Randy: Yes, they are. I do what I have to do for my family, but when I’m on the road, I try to look out for other people’s families too. Anytime we call, you were there. You responded back.

Gary: It’s a thick file, you know. So, tell me about your experience with our firm.

Sabrina: Oh my gosh. Had it not been for Burger Law Firm, I don’t know what I would have done. I immediately got medical assistance. I got to a chiropractor, and he was amazing. He took care of me and referred me to other doctors, my specialist. I mean, it was a great experience all the way around.

Gary: How much did we settle it for?

Sabrina: $75,000.

Gary: $75,000. That’s a lot of money.

Sabrina: Yeah.

Gary: I mean, I know that it’s not to minimize what you went through, but you went through a lot, right? So, we settled the case.

Sabrina: You guys fought really hard though.

Gary: Yeah, we did for a while.

Sabrina: But you guys seem really professional. I love the website, and the office staff is really polite, so I chose you guys.

Kristen: So I bent down to pet it, and it lurched across the room and bit me right in the face, opening up my lip and a little bit of the upper lip just wide open, and there is blood everywhere, and it hurt a lot. I went to the emergency room, and they sewed me up after I sat there for about an hour and lots of ice, but for a couple of weeks my face was like really swollen, like my upper lip. My husband called me “Ducky” for like a month after it because I looked so odd.

Mike: They gave us an initial offer of $9,000 in your case, but we kept working with them, and ultimately we were able to get you $20,000 about.

Kristen: It’s nice to have that money if I want to do any work on my face to kind of get rid of the scarring, but also what was really great is that I was nervous about finding a good moral lawyer, and you guys did such a great job, like the staff and everybody has been just on point fantastic. Hire him. He does a fantastic job, and he is trustworthy and very straightforward and open. He will answer any questions that you have, as many times as you want to ask them.