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Posted in In the community on June 12, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Burger Law Update 06/11

Time seems to be going slow and fast at the same time lately. While working from home, things slow down, I get to hang more with my wife and kids and be present with my family.

I have been working out (biking and running) and doing stuff around the house - e.g. bee hive expansion discussed below.

Simultaneously, national news is a whirlwind - George Floyd death, black lives matter protests, up and down corona and economic news, election cycle, and POTUS' hundreds of tweets. Below is a little article on my family marching (William and I made the news).

And law firm activities are super busy - depositions and hearings by zoom , new lawsuits filed, trials continued to 2021 - I spend many evenings keeping up.

For all the lawyers, please attend our Zoom CLE in a couple weeks on Liens, ERISA and (de)Stressing. - 3 hours and the best title for the ethics hour - Love and Lawyering in the time of Corona.