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Posted in Uncategorized on February 26, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Burn Injury

Were You Severely Burned in an Accident?

As personal injury attorneys who have handled many different burn injury cases, Burger law firm has the financial resources, experience, and knowledge to aggressively handle burn injury lawsuits for you or your loved ones.  Burn injury cases are serious and require hard work from the beginning to collect evidence and preserve necessary facts.  Later, you will need expensive experts to help convince a jury of the causation and amounts owed.  At Burger Law, if we accept your case and choose to act as your burn injury attorneys, no money is needed to hire us and we will forward all expenses necessary to win.  If we lose, you owe us no money.

We have represented a man with life changing injuries caused by electrical burns and clients that were severely burned in gas fires.  We have recovered millions of dollars for burn victims, and have successfully represented owners of property against insurance companies that wouldn’t pay.

Burns and burn injuries can be caused by electricity, gas, heat, radiation and other causes.  Burns damage the skin, hair, blood vessels, and even bones in severe instances.  Obviously, these are amongst the most painful burn injuries, particularly when nerves are burned or damaged.

In Missouri, the statute of limitations for suing for your burn injury is normally five years, depending on the facts.  (If your burn is caused by medical negligence, the statute of limitations is only two years)  If you suffer from a serious burn injury, call us immediately so we can begin to protect your rights and build your burn injury case to recover financial damages.