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Posted in Car Accidents on July 11, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

CASE STUDY: Illinois Uninsured Claim


Following a car accident, many people struggle to get their life back. Whether your face injuries or expenses, a car accident can uproot a future.

Burger law knows this and that is why we fight every day to make sure everyone has the right to get their life back together following an accident. With this mindset, we recently had the opportunity to help one of our clients who faced a challenge in his car accident claim when we discovered the opposing party was an uninsured driver.

Car accident claims can be extremely worrisome to begin with, however, when a driver is struck by an uninsured driver many worry they will never get their lives back. This case demonstrates just how an experienced Illinois car accident lawyer can help someone get their life back on track following an accident with an uninsured driver.

Facts of the Case:

Our client, Andy, is a business owner whose life was thrown for a loop when he was involved in car accident. While driving, Andy was struck in a head-on collision when another driver crossed over the center line. This horrible accident resulted in numerous fractures in Andy’s wrist which required surgery.

Following the accident, the other driver presented Andy with his insurance card. Working with Andy, we put the driver’s insurance company on notice. Following this, the insurance company notified us that the driver was not insured by them. With this news, Andy’s path to recovery became less clear.

Nevertheless, we were able to file an uninsured claim against Andy’s own insurance. This claim protected Andy and allowed him to receive a settlement of $92,000 to get his life back on track.

Lessons from the Law:

The most important aspect to this case, and the ultimate victory for Andy, was that an individual can make an uninsured claim against their own insurance if the collision was caused by an uninsured driver. Filing against his own insurance, gave Andy the means to return to his life and is why he can focus on his business again.

To hear about Andy’s recovery and his happiness with his settlement, click here.