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Posted in Law on September 11, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Claims against Hotels

Claims Against Hotels

I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. We pursue claims against hotels, and there’s a variety of circumstances under which those can occur. They can be slip and fall injuries. They can be assaults, sexual assaults or physical assaults or rapes. They can be failures in the building structure themselves. We have those cases pending right now. The challenge in pursuing those cases is identifying the right entity.

Typically, hotels, you’ll have an entity that owns the underlying land, an entity that owns the hotel. You’ll have the franchisor like a Hilton or like a Sheraton or whatever the name of the hotel, Embassy Suites. They’ll be the franchisor, and you’ll have the franchisee being an ownership group. Sometimes, they’re this big real estate investment trust where it’s really hard to get a real person who actually has some accountability or responsibility, but they will also have a management company that comes in and provides the hotel management and staff. You can actually have the policies and procedures in the hotel. Then you’ll also have, not to be too complicated, but you’ll also have outside vendors who are supposed to clean the ice and snow off the sidewalk, or you may have trainers who’re supposed to train the employees, and that training can fail as well.

We’ve had a wide variety of circumstances under which we pursued these claims in various parts of the nation and in Mexico. But, identifying who the parties are, making a claim, asserting the claim the right way is very important in being successful in these claims.

If you have a question about that type of claim, we’re happy to answer your questions for free. We have a free consultation with anybody about these claims. We have a wide amount of experience in these claims and are able to vet and work our way through pretty much any type of factual scenario under which your personal injury occurred. Please give us a call at 314-542-2222, 866-599-2222, in Illinois 618-272-2222. You can also visit us at or you can email me, Thank you.