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Posted in Car Accidents on September 27, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Compensation for a Car Accident Injury Claim

We help people who have been injured in car accidents receive full and fair compensation for all of their harms and losses. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, you have the legal right to recover money for the totality of the damages you sustained. At Burger Law, we understand that you didn’t ask to be injured or for your life to be turned upside down as a result. We help people like you recover from serious car accidents every day and we take pride in not settling for anything less than the compensation that our clients deserve.

When we talk about full and fair compensation, we are referring to all of the money that you are owed to help restore you financially after the accident. We can’t take back your injury or the time that you lost that would have been better spent with your family, friends or at work. But, we can fight for every dime you deserve that will serve as financial restitution for all that you endured.

It is important to get the true value of the harms and losses you suffered right the first time because you only have one chance to recover from your accident. Understanding the true value of your damages requires a knowledgeable St Louis car accident lawyer to carefully look at your medical expenses, wage loss damages, disability and disfigurement burden and pain and suffering damages arising from your accident. Serious injuries have lifelong consequences and make sure that your future medical needs are included in your claim for compensation.

There are many factors that influence the value of your car crash claim; among them are the severity of your injuries and the amount of insurance coverage carried by the liable parties. We vigilantly consider all means of recovery available to you in your case in order to ensure that you are truly receiving full and fair compensation.

If you have been injured in a car crash due to the reckless and careless actions of another, it is important that you consult with a car accident attorney before you speak with the insurance company – the value of your injury claim depends on it. Take the time to understand your rights to recovery and your legal options before you give any recorded statements. Insurance adjusters and their legal teams are paid to limit and reduce your claim for compensation as much as possible. This is why we strongly believe that it is important for every person seriously injured in an accident to understand their legal options before moving forward with their injury claim.

Most personal injury lawyers who routinely practice auto accident injury law will discuss your case with you for free. If you have any questions about the insurance claims process or how a contingency fee works, don’t hesitate to ask. We are committed to being by your side every step of the way.