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Posted in In the community on May 22, 2019   |  by Gary Burger

Congratz Taylor

Congratulations to Taylor Morthland on graduating from SLU Law school.

Taylor already has an MBA and undergrad at Millikin University - and now a JD.

Taylor is a lawyer with Burger Law (license pending) and one of smartest and hardest working colleagues I have ever had. She has worked full time at our firm for two years while also being a full time student. We look forward to her being a lawyer with us after she passes the bar exam.

She has managed cases under my direction and given top notch service and support to many Burger Law clients. She has worked with me in two trials and provided great support in them - averaging $56.5 Million per trial (one was a defense verdict and one a $113 Million verdict). We hope she continues this track record (no pressure).