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Posted in Personal Injury on July 6, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Dangerous Property Conditions

What do you do if a dangerous condition of property hurts you or a family member or friend? Well, you have a claim against that landowner or the store or the place you were going when that occurs.

Whether it’s a property in a rural area, in the country, whether it’s an urban street or apartment, or whether it’s a store you’re at, if a landowner has guests or invitees to their property, they owe a duty to keep that reasonably safe, and if there’s dangerous condition on that property that injures someone, they’re responsible for that harm, and that’s the law in every state in the union, and don’t be dissuaded by saying, “Oh, they didn’t know about it,” or, “You should have been looking out for yourself,” or that type of stuff, and if an insurance company won’t pay you because of a dangerous condition on property, you need to stand up for your rights and you hold a claim, a legal claim.

Now, they will say that they don’t have to pay you. They’ll say that you should have been looking out. They’ll say that you didn’t get medical in time. They’ll say it was a pre-existing condition. They’ll say you can’t get wage loss damages because your employer gave you sick pay. They’ll say you waited too long to get medical. They’ll say it’s a degenerative condition. They’ll say a whole host of things.

I wrote a book about this on my website. You can get it at, download it, PDF for free about all the bogus things insurance claims adjusters tell you on those things. But, if it’s a dangerous condition on property, the landowner or their insurer is obligated to compensate you for your damages.

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